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Handmade Pasta

Mazzaro's carries an amazing selection of hundreds of varieties of pastas - but it's our fresh pasta that steals the show.

Each morning we carefully and lovingly mix dough to prepare fresh pastas by hand. Each piece has a delicate texture, a rich flavor, and a freshness that can't be duplicated – unless you make your own at home!

We offer special pastas on particular days, and each and every day you will find these delicious varieties waiting for you:

  • Angel hair
  • Fettuccini
  • Linguini
  • Ravioli (meat, spinach and ricotta, or cheese)
  • Manicotti

And our fresh pastas are as easy to prepare as they are tasty!

For fresh pasta

Bring ample water to a hard boil, add some salt, and put the pasta into water for about two minutes, stirring gently. Remove the pasta from the water, let cool, and enjoy with your favorite sauce.

For fresh ravioli

Bring ample water to a hard boil, then add raviolis and a touch of salt. Stir gently as you wait for the ravioli to float to the top; give them an extra minute after floating, then remove them from the water and cool. Your ravioli are fully cooked and ready to be enjoyed!

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